In de nieuwsbrief heeft u er al een klein stukje over kunnen lezen…..

De kinderen van het Cu Chi Free Education Project zijn op schoolreisje geweest naar het Dam Sen Waterpark. Ze hebben ontzettend genoten deze dag!

Hieronder een uitgebreid verslag van Sister Dominique en Sister Maria.



The trip to Dam Sen Water park in Ho Chi Minh City
started at 7.30 dated 08/05/ 2015 about one hour from Cu Chi to Ho Chi Minh
City by bus. This trip was very interesting discovery
of which they will never forget.

When they knew to go to Dam Sen Water park, they were very
excited and happy to such an extent that they could not sleep. They are
impatient and wait until that day. On Friday, May 08th 2015 their
parents took them to school earlier than usual. They brought breakfast to eat
in the school because they were afraid of late. They have breakfast together
just talking about this trip. When the bus started to depart, the Sisters guide
them prayer for peace trip and all the best. Along the way, they look
unblinkingly, because for them everything is as alien creatures. They marveled
with what is strange to them; they discussed what they see for the first time.
There are some students told the teacher that: The robots stand in a straight
row on the road, they tall, upright and outstretched arms. The Sister looked at
their hands and told them: it is the electricity pole, it lights at night to
let people go road safety. When they look big aircraft flying in the sky, they
look until the aircraft flies away.

Along the road is big building houses, people
and cars crowded. They step in of the modern world. They immersed in a strange
place and now their dream became the true. When the bus stopped in front Dam Sen
Waters Park, they are eager to play and bath all day. On the campus of Dam Sen
Water, they surprised to see the fountains with different shapes; water games
are very new to them. Before, they enjoy with the games, the Sisters guide them
the dance and sing to starts. Then we plunge waters with the buoy and joking
around with interest. The teacher and students play together in the water as
friends. These students have a restless, and then get together for exploring
adventure game. They delight to be played, never bathed as they are like.

lunchtime, the Sisters and the teacher called them to lunch; they rushed to the
shore as the birds back to nest. They go into their sit, prayer to thanking God
and the benefactors, who helped us with this outing. Their lunch was rice,
meat, and egg, vegetable, they said to each other too good meal and then they
eat quickly scrambling to hang next hour. After eating, they cleaned, the
catering staff that very surprised about the job carefully and cleanliness,
even though they are children but they have a sense of hygiene public places.
They rarely see tourists come here after meal they can clean up like that.
After the meal they dance and listen to Sisters advice and then continue to
bath under the cool water. The Sisters and the teacher continued to play with
them and take advantage of the short time left to enjoy all the new games and
fun in the water park, they were taking photographs very funny and mischievous
to celebrate a most interesting trip. I asked some students: How do you feel on
this trip? They answered immediately: it is very funny, so I want to play
anymore. They want to hold the game very long, but time is limited. Therefore,
they must be obedient to step out of the cooling water flow, step ashore to the
locker and refreshments before leaving. When the dressing is finished they
watched the other guests are still in the water, they looked with delight and
nostalgia like they wants to continue to join in the exciting
fun with everyone.

A whistle exclaimed invites us to enter to line up; they
sing songs together thank the benefactor, who gave them the opportunity to have
a very enjoyable outing. Before they leave this here, they walked and looked
around at all the scenery at Dam Sen wonder that they wish they will get back
here. The big game, they watched the scene around them and not want to step out
of the gate, I told them: car waiting for you outside. They say: I want a close
look here for me when I have money I will come here to play. One other student
told me: I will try to study well, obey their parents and grandparents teachers
and Sisters so next time I’ll be going to Dam Sen Water park again. Another one
says: I will try to do well to money; I would put my parents and my siblings to
go play here. Moment of leave where they were playing real delight is
difficult, but there will be an incentive for them to know try and overcome
difficulties in learning and in their life situation, it helps us build dream
for their life to be joyful, happy and more useful in the future. They’ll never
forget the benefactor, the Sisters, the teachers who teach them, care for them
and enabling them to education, to play and be treated like other children.

I want to say sincere thanks and deep gratitude to Henriette’s family and all
your sponsors giving our Children have a day out at Dam Sen Water Park is fun,
meaningful. It is also a useful impetus for the present life and their future.
May God repay and bless your lives of your family and your job is all the best.

Sister M.
Dominique and Sister Maria Hoi